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10 Interesting Facts about Google, You Never Knew

In 1996, two geniuses – Larry Page and Sergey Brin started their research project, when both were Ph.D students. Making their efforts to create a better search engine, they came up with Google. The domain name was registered in 1997 and the company was formed in 1998.

Since the birth of this search engine, we have been getting facts – interesting facts – about Google. Of the many, I’ve enlisted 10 interesting Google facts you might never heard of.

Here are few of my favorite ones:

10 Google Facts

10 Google facts won’t be enough, but you’ll have to go with them for now. And wait for more!

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3 Steps SEO Strategy to Migrate on New Website

It is never too late. Never too late to follow the path of SEO.
SEO, for quite some time, is troubling the minds of webmasters. Well, SEO doesn’t aim to distress the webmasters but they’re more inclined towards user experience. So, you don’t have to be afraid of it, but think

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Ello or Not – Facebook is Still in Charge

Now you have to deal with another social networking website, ELLO. ELLO is not popular enough but is slowly gathering attention. One of the coolest ideas ELLO came with is no ads. Whew! At least somewhere where you don’t see ads. But wait, having no ads at all! Is it a good

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