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SERMO – Facebook for Physicians

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As the days are passing, everything around us is getting more tech-savvy. And we’re getting lazier than ever before. At one stance, it is good for us, but at the same end it’s adding to our troubles. But we can’t escape technology nor can we think of days without it. So we must learn to live with it.

Speaking of technology, we’ve internet, one of the greatest inventions of all time. We need to land some informative platform, we are on the web. We can also earn while staying at our own comfort zones. Internet serves another purpose, a cool way to socialize. It isn’t a new thing. For time long internet is serving the purpose of social networking. We’ve, I guess, countless social networking websites. Websites which are for everyone and then there are social networking websites for a specific group of people.

Facebook, everyone is familiar with it. But have you ever heard of SERMO? I guess not! SERMO is like a Facebook, but it’s for the medical professionals. Isn’t it cool that all you doctors, physicians and all the health professionals can gather around one single platform! Sure it is!

SERMO is a social networking website, developed by Daniel Palestrant in 2006. You can share all that medical terms here. What troubles you? What’s new to discuss? What new discoveries are being made? All to discuss under one roof.

Originally it was assumed to be a side-effect. It was thought that a discussion can go wrong and could harm than to benefit. But Daniel turned it the other way and was able to develop it as a successful online platform for medical discussions. But unfortunately he had to leave SERMO. It was then acquired by WorldOne Inc. in July 2012. The founders had found their way to another business, but SERMO keeps on going.

The board might change, but it has continued its operations as one of the largest social networking sites for medical professionals. It’s is said by SERMO that it incorporates 343,000 medical professionals both registered physicians from US and UK. With this much user on one single platform, you can imagine the power of SERMO. And now they’ve a mobile app for physicians.

Imagine what if you’ve this type of mobile application or offer a social networking site like SERMO?

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