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Pinterest, Getting Above All the Social Media Marketing Websites


Under the hood of digital marketing, one name is ruling everywhere i.e social media marketing. And when we talk of social media marketing few names sweeps the rest. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, three names that all we know when we plan to reach a wider range of audience through digital marketing. No doubt these 3 are very effective and give a huge turnover. But there is one more name, which must never be forgotten, the PINTEREST.

Many think that Pinterest is just a picture content sharing portal. But the fact is different. With the increasing use of social media websites, Pinterest can’t stay behind. They never entered the market to lose so soon. With new features, Pinterest is now even better than Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

One more reason many of the companies or social media marketers avoid it is they find it a bit hard to use. Even here they are wrong. Like other social media websites, Pinterest is also easy to use. You just need some very basic knowledge to use it and some strategies to market yourself, and it is for sure that you will get a better result.

Pinterest for Your Business

  • Your post on Pinterest goes viral quicker than other social media websites.
  • According to a report, Pinterest has over 70 million users. Of them, 500,000 are business accounts.
  • 47% buy through the suggestions of Pinterest
  • The average order value through Pinterest is around $180, Facebook comes at number 2 with an average order value of $80 and Twitter at 3 with an average order value of $69.

Of the total visitors, around 80% are women. But this figure is steadily replacing with men.

When posting on Pinterest, remember that few of the categories values more than the rest. These are:

  • Food & Drink
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Home Décor
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Other

Another interesting fact about Pinterest is that on certain day and time, the most popular categories are the following:

  • Monday – Fitness
  • Tuesday – Technology
  • Wednesday – Inspirational Quotes
  • Thursday – Fashion
  • Friday – Humor
  • Saturday – Travel
  • Sunday – Food and Craft

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Pin Your Posts

It is not said to stop using other social media websites, but you need to focus more towards Pinterest. In this tech-savvy time, you can’t rely on traditional ways of marketing. You need to turn the scope of your marketing towards digital marketing.

If you don’t have the capacity to do it all by yourself, outsourcing internet marketing services is the best alternative for you. It eases your workload, offers a better way to reach your audience and reduces your costs as well.

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