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Need To Learn More? Check Out These 7 Top-Notch Websites

Develop new skills

After graduating from some university, we still complain “I still can’t find my dream job, what more this dream job need from me!”. “Skill(s)“, the simple answer. School, college, and university do play an important role in getting into an employment or starting our own enterprise, but the most important skills are often dropped. And as you make your way to a job/business, there you realize that you are missing some most important things from your life. But you don’t want to go back to those BIG HALLS, crowded with many but only one speaks and you listen.

But no more you’ll have to worry. We have this gracious gift of INTERNET. No need to go anywhere, all you need is a laptop/desktop and an access to the internet.

So, whether you’re a programmer, a designer, a linguistic or playing an important role as management, I’ve some resources where you can get some cool skills.

1. Video Copilot

Specially designed for the motion graphic lovers, Video Copilot has a number of cool tutorials for Adobe Effects. Adobe has some of the best software developed. With these simple packs of Adobe software, one can easily make huge bucks, but all you need is to prove your SKILLs.

Video Copilot


2. Lynda

Lynda (not a girl), is one of the top websites developed for many. From a Website Developer to a Business student, Lynda has some best tutorials. They’re all easy to learn!



3. Digital Tutors

The best thing about this website is the distribution of tutorials, according to the software. Digital Tutors is yet again the best place to polish one’s’ graphics and animation skills.

Digital Tutors


4. TutsPlus

Again another best place for graphic lovers and animators. TutsPlus or Tuts+ also offers tutorials for Coders/Web Developers and also some (but limited to few) tutorials for Business students.



5. Live Mocha

Live Mocha, not for graphic lovers nor business students, but for those having a craving to learn multiple languages. This free website developed for language lovers is for all. And one best thing about it is that you can make new friends as well.

Live Mocha



Another, resourceful website for language lovers. With websites like these it gets easier to learn new languages and then move anywhere around the globe.



7. Coursera

Now, this is my favorite. Coursera offers courses from universities around the globe, delivered by their top faculty. You can also get yourself enrolled in some certified courses. And you are also not restricted, enrol in as many as you can. Get a visit to this website and I’m pretty sure you won’t leave without signing up.



These are just a few of the top websites where you can polish your skills, and also that you can develop more. And if you’re thinking bigger, you can have your own website. It isn’t a bad idea, all you need is a website developed and then recruit some tutors.

If you can develop a website yourself, it is best for you, but if you don’t have the skills yet you can ask a website development company. And if you do reach a website development company, don’t forget to design a website that’s mobile and user-friendly.


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