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May 2015, Google’s Update – Some Say it ‘The Quality Update’

May 2015, Google Update

The start of May 2015, good for some while bad for many. Every webmaster dealt with some changes, some unexpected changes. These changes were seen on how Google ranks a website.

Many on-the-web experts, at the start of May 2015, detected something fishy about their website’s ranking. Biting their nails out, they finally heard about Google’s confirmation to changes in website ranking.

Until May 19th, webmasters didn’t hear from Google. Finally, Search Engine Land took the plunge to ask Google if there were some changes to Panda or not. And the reply from Google was in negative. But if Google didn’t make any changes, then how webmasters are facing a sudden change in website rankings.

With so many queries and follow-up, finally Google has to speak the truth. They said that there was no spam related update, but there were some changes to the ranking system. This change in the algorithm was done so to rank websites with high-quality content a better space. After hearing from Google, Search Engine Land had to name this update as “Quality Update”.

With Google-bots getting smarter, Google must have equipped them with more powers. Although, they didn’t share much about this so-called Quality Content, it is a hunch that the previous algorithms have just been updated, empowering Google-bot to think like a being. After all, it is all about user-experience.

Some say Google targeted a particular array. While others believe this update was for all. And I too believe that this secretly-updating of the algorithm was done for all, to rank web pages with high-quality content.

If you are new in the jungle of SEO or web, you will have to learn a lot before taking the initial step. Learn about Google’s guidelines on quality content. For this, you will have to keep tracking Google’s Panda and Penguin.

Coming back to the topic, almost everyone noticed some changes to their websites. But sadly, we have not very strong evidence of what was that all about. But, on the other hand, we now know that Google did update its algorithm of ranking websites. Untill the truth is unveiled, keep the quality levels up high. Keep updating your content. Add fresh and unique content. And learn more about quality content to rank high.

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Bill is an IT-Follower and works with Zepto Systems, a London based IT services company. Although, he tries to deal more with other IT related services, but the core area he focusses is SEO. With a team of experts, Bill with his teammates tries to cater the utmost efforts. They don’t claim to be the best, but they are moving ahead to beat the best.

For more information on IT services, visit Zepto Systems. And don’t forget to comment with your suggestions and thoughts.

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