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Link Building – What You Need to Learn?

Off Page SEO - Link Building

One of the top elements of Off-Page SEO is – link building. Earlier, link building contributed the most towards ranking a page. But as SEO service providers started abusing it, back linking also started losing its worth in the eyes of the search engines. But still links are popular and make a huge amount of value ranking a web page.

As the SEO services companies learned about the worth of link building, they started overdoing their content with links. Some even back-linked irrelevant links or bad links. They did appear on the first page (and some even occupied the top position). Mis-using links became one of the reasons for the painful update by Google – the Google Penguin. If you still try to fool the search engines with bogus links, you will (for sure) won’t be able to land the first page, but will be buried in (God knows) nowhere.

In order to appear to the first page (and perhaps to the top), you need to learn and follow the latest updates by Google.

Link building is still effective, only if you follow what the search engines asks you to do.

Before start linking, you need to understand a few things:

  • How does a link help you?
  • Bad links
  • Asking others to help you

Know them before you start your venture!

How will a link help your website rank well?

A link will help you in four ways:

  • When you place a link to your content, the incoming traffic from your content will help the receiving page grow in the search engines.
  • A continuous traffic from other links will help your entire website get a good reputation. Though it can take a while but the ultimate results will help in achieving a good rank.
  • Linking your content back to a relevant website/blog ensures that both the pages are interconnected (and this helps in growing your repute).
  • When readers on your page click a link, the repute of the page grows in the eyes of search engines.

When placing links, make it certain that it is back-linking to a relevant page. This weighs higher than a non-relevant page. Then links within your content (perhaps your blog) is more worth it than links outside the body.

Bonus: asking an SEO services company to add more links is a good technique unless you overdo. Adding backlinks unnecessary will reduce the effectiveness of each link on the page.

How links lost their value?

Earlier when link building was new, web service providers were stuffing their page with links. And just their own but they also found a way to buy links. This technique is old now. Buying links will no longer do well nor will they make you come to the first place.

And adding links from bad sources will also do more harm than good.

Can other people help you?

Link building sounds easy, but it isn’t. This doesn’t mean that you must leave it or make this as your least priority elements to boost your website. Asking others to help you with link building is a good technique. This will help both you and the other person.

Surf the web, find blogs, pages or websites with relevant stuff. Write for them and ask them to do the same for you. And don’t forget to add a link to your website (and their as well when writing for them).

But this is not that easy. You can’t send emails, messages or calls when you haven’t made a good repute. First put in your efforts to make it look good and then ask others to add some spice to your efforts. And you also need to keep this in mind that you must be contacting good bloggers or companies. Bad will damage your rank.

Building links on the web

Just like your PR in normal life, your website or blog also need good PR. And this is done by adding good and relevant links.

As part of SEO technique, link building is not a matter to be undertaken by everyone. Trying to save some costs can cost you a big fortune. To avoid any mishaps, it’s better to contact an SEO Services Company or hire a dedicated team of SEO Executives.

And when you’re getting an assistance from a web services company, it’s advisable to do more than link building. SEO is more than just link building!

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