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Reach Your Customer Base Through Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing

With increased pressure of market competition, every web development company tries to get the maximum reach to its customer base. Email marketing services helps to grow your audience significantly. It helps to send customized emails to the clients or to publicize the product promotions through marketing campaigns.

Regardless of the business plan your company is following as whether it’s announcing the upgrade in services or simple newsletters to dispatch, email marketing is definitely a profitable deal.

But before discussing the email marketing in detail we should take a look at different types of email campaigns.

There are different kind of email campaign from which a person can choose the most appropriate one. Newsletters and broadcasts are two important and widely used tools to get access to the prospective customer. These newsletters can enhance the traffic on your website and  provide meaningful business leads.

Moreover, the promotional emails drive more customer on your website and builds up a strong customer base. Whereas registration base emails helps to manage major parts of event management through online sources. Lastly survey based emails will get you direct customer feedback.

Starting an email marketing campaign is not a very tough task but it do require a significant amount of professionalism and prior planning. Majority programs of email marketing offer a particular period of free trial.

Here are the most popular email marketing tools being use in 2015

  1. Constant Contact: Constant Contact offers around four hundred customized email templates. Moreover, we can also make use of a blank template or utilize HTML and CSSS to code directly. Moreover, its exclusive features allow your Facebook fan page followers to subscribe for your emails directly through Facebook fan page. Moreover, if a marketer wants to send surveys to their contact list, they can do that as well but with an additional monthly fee. However, this tool doesn’t offer any free trial for small business marketers.
  2. MailChimp: It also offers a variety of email templates of around four hundred. They have added features for marketers to easily frame out new layouts. They are more suitable for optimization on mobile devices.  Moreover, if you have more than two thousand subscribers and sending less than twelve thousand emails a month, you’ll get an exclusive free trial version of MailChimp.
  3. ExactTarget: ExactTarget is another resolute system than other email marketing tools. The majority of its users are from large business enterprises who have to communicate though a massive amount of emails. Customers have an out-and-out Account Representative which will assist them. They are most widely used for social media integration services. Moreover, its features of reporting and tracking which let its users to bradawl into discrete subscriber’s data like the links being opened etc. however, valuing of the tool is not pre-determined as it depends on the end of Account executive who will discuss the volume of your emails to determine the final price.
  4. AWeber: From AWeber you have the freedom to choose an email template from 150 outlined templates. It’s incorporated well with WordPress, PayPal, and Eventbrite. It has an option for customized HTML which lets you insert attachments in your email. However, it is not integrated well with Google Analytics and inability to forward an email or to send it to multiple lists at a time.

Email marketing services plays a very important role in the marketing campaign particularly for a web development company. Therefore, we must act cautiously in determining the best and the most suitable email marketing tools as only then we will get the desired results.


Kiran Taj Khan is a professional writer, blogger who loves to spill her thoughtful mind through her writings. Kiran is a lead contributor at ZeptoSystems. ZeptoSystems is an IT company based in the UK. In this tech-sway world, everyone needs some IT services. So, this IT company UK is all here for you.

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