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How these 5 Tech Companies Got Their Name?

How Did They Got Their Name

Names are not for lame. Just like humans, the companies also have a story behind their names.

We hear many names that even don’t have any meaning, but they are so famous that we don’t even bother to know the stories behind their names. Anyways, here I’m going to share a few stories about how some of the top IT companies got their name.


Starting with the top, Google. Founded in 1998, they first named their company as BackRub. Then they came up with a better name Google. Google is in fact not a name or a word, but it is merely a spelled version of GOOGOL, which is a number 1 followed by 100 zeros. As they knew that their search engines would show thousands of results.


Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle, such a long name to remember. In 1994, two graduate students created a directory with a name Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web. In 1995, they created a new domain yahoo.com. Yahoo is the short for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.


“What starts with an ‘A’?” Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon wanted a name that goes to the top in an alphabetical list. There he reminds of the world’s largest river, the Amazon. A searchable term and that too will come at the top of an alphabetical list.


From Sky Peer-to-Peer to Skyper and then comes Skype. The shorter it gets, the better it is to remember.


Naming a person, maybe, is not that hard. We have a huge list to choose from. But when it comes to naming a company, it’s a tough decision. The name Blackberry is driven from the fruit. A marketing company Lexicon Branding recommended this name. The keyboard buttons resemble the drupelets of the blackberry fruit, and blackberry was the best name they can come up with.

How Come Your Chose Yours?

Not every name has a story. But we would love to hear yours. How did you come up with your company’s name?

Just like the above-mentioned companies, in 2006 2 IT-geeks joined their forces and established a new IT company in The UK the Zepto Systems. The word Zepto derives from a Latin word septem.

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