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Ello or Not – Facebook is Still in Charge

Ello or Not Ello

Now you have to deal with another social networking website, ELLO. ELLO is not popular enough but is slowly gathering attention. One of the coolest ideas ELLO came with is no ads. Whew! At least somewhere where you don’t see ads. But wait, having no ads at all! Is it a good sign or is it intending to through your interests out? I do really dislike too many ads on Facebook. But having none, seems blunt. Besides annoying us, these ads do broaden our interests.

While many signed up on ELLO, they soon ran back to Mark Zuckerberg’s invention i.e. Facebook, leaving ELLO at $5.5 million dollar. Before taking up some place in the social networking market, ELLO had already seen a decline.

What were they all thinking? No ads on the website and people will come in clapping! To break Facebook’s fame, they should have come up with something new. Not letting companies to publish their ads doesn’t mean that you’re better than Facebook. Even Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram couldn’t beat Facebook.

The one thing I don’t like about ELLO is its design. The first thing about the design is it is not catchy at all. Black and white, is that all! They must give some colours.

The other thing I didn’t get is how to use ELLO. First the design made it quite boring to go along with ELLO. And when I gathered my emotions and tried to know about it, I was stuck for a while with Noise. What is this NOISE thing? Friends and Noise, the two clicks on the top right corner are both to view posts from your circle. You follow people, and their posts will become part of Friends. The ones not cool can be placed in Noise. Discover is where you find your recommended posts. The rest, I believe, is not that hard to understand.

But really, even if you get it, the design is still blocking your way. It seems too dull and boring. And this isn’t me, I’ve sent invitations to many of my Facebook friends, but all said the same about ELLO. So, for now it is time for ELLO to come up with something new and big. But there still remains the threat that if they try to beat Facebook, Facebook might try to acquire it. ELLO might try to resist and they should, but that day doesn’t seem closer. I would suggest revamping your website. Make it more user-friendly. Add some colours. Integrate some apps. And do more than what Facebook isn’t able to do.

No matter how much criticism ELLO face, they must keep up the pace and try to beat Facebook, just like it did with Orkut.

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