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Dream Tools for a Virtual Assistant


Virtual assistant services are one of the highest in demand jobs these days, but as competition has stirred up, it has become a matter of concern for the virtual assistants to master their skills. For that matter, virtual assistants take help of different tools to champion their skills. While choosing the tools, examine the kind of work we do as a virtual assistant and also the priorities of clients you are working with.

Here are few VA tools which are most popular among professionals.

download (2)Basecamp: Basecamp is a web-based project management tool. The Major pull of using is the usability and ease of using it. By using this project management tool, we can sum up our files, tasks, dates and discussion notes without any complication. This tool can be used for a variety of purposes from the deadline bases projects to open-ended ones. Majority VAs prefer to work with it. It helps in defining and assigning the workload and assist further in managing the deadlines, review work etc. If you are working on any project, it helps to keep a track of work you have completed and what’s left to do.

Dropbox: Dropbox is a free service available to share and store documents, photos, videos etc. You can access your documents at any time without any difficulty.  Being a virtual assistant, I prefer it for the ease of use it offers. It works in a way that when sync a file from your computer to Dropbox, you can easily share the link of that file to the list of contacts you want to share with. It also works as a treatable backup system.

Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a web-based application which allow its users to share e-calendar on the foundation rule of need-to-know.  Customized reminders allow you to be in time for all the meetings, appointments etc. Moreover, it allows you to set your schedule anywhere, even if you don’t have access to the internet. And the best part… it’s all free.

GroupMe: this is an amazing iPhone app as well as a web-based application. The Major purpose of this app is to facilitate group chats. Messaging on the app works by integrating a number on which users can send messages to the group. Moreover, you can easily modify between text-based services or data based according to convenience.

LastPass: it is a program dedicated to password management. It helps to share a password and login details without hampering the security. It works in two ways. First, if you give your password particularly to someone in the network, they will be able to see it as well as use it. However, if you just share it with them, than the password will remain masked and they will use the masked password to proceed without actually seeing it.

SnagIt: Virtual assistants love to use this app in order to save their time and communicate in a much better way. Few use it to share the screenshots with their network.  Moreover, it Pleat Stimulation for a Project by showing the clients what’s on your computer.  Moreover, its astounding features allow the users to create handout graphics from a mere video capture.


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