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Check How this New iPhone 7 will Look Like

iPhone 6s or iPhone 7

Even though many say that iPhone isn’t a user-friendly mobile, yet they rush to buy when they could. iPhone isn’t just another smartphone, it’s a brand after all. And when you have it in your hand, people call you trendy, opulent and tech-friendly.

It hasn’t been so long since the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and now we have the news of the new iPhone i.e. iPhone 7. It is most likely to be called the iPhone 6s. Just like its predecessors, it is expected to be released in September. Rumours say that the new iPhone 6s will be released on 25 September.

One more news that surrounds the air is the new iPhone 6s will have something different. Experts believe that the iPhone 6s will have a larger touch-space. The handset itself isn’t going to come in large size, but there can be some changes in the looks. The space covered by the earpiece and the home button will all be given to the screen. It isn’t yet released officially, but it’s a hunch.

If the iPhone 7 is going to be like what the experts claim to be, it is going to be a good change. A larger screen, with more colors and a dashy look.


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