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Capture Your Moments with MOMENTS by Facebook

Moments App

With smartphones in our palms, taking photos is now getting easier and fun. We don’t have to buy all those expensive Digicams and no need to take those heavy bags of DSLRs. And what else purpose these tiny cams on our smartphones serve? Once you’ve taken photos of your family and friends, you have to share it with them as well. There are many ways to share these photos, but not everyone is as quick as you. You keep on asking for the ones taken by your friends and they keep on ignoring you. Ah! It’s so annoying. And if your friends are kind enough to share all those photos taken from their cams, you now need one single well-organized place for all those photos of that event taken from your smartphone and also from your pals’ smartphone.

Keeping all this in that big brain, Facebook has come up with – Moments. Moments is a new mobile application that lets you share and store all your photos from every mobile in your circle.

How Moments Work?

It is easy! Last night you’re with your friends clicking all those memorable moments. Your friends also planned to take out their smartphones and take some more clicks. Now combining all those clicks, you’ve dozens of them. The next morning you start checking all those photos and found that in some you’re not looking as handsome as you are. Then you recalled that your friends too took some photos. You text them and ask them to share the photos on moments.

Thanks to Facebook, they share all their clicks with you in private. Moments lets you share the photos in groups. Every photo is now shared on a time basis. With moments, you can sync your photos and they with you. Now, you and your pals have all those clicks. With the face recognition technology, your photos can now be organized according to your pals.

Releasing Moments

On June 15, 2015, Moments was released on iTunes and Google Play. It is free to download and use. But is not for every smartphone. Initially, it was released in the USA but now it’s reaching every nook and corner.


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