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Ask Toolbar, a Threat to Your System – Says Microsoft

ASK Toolbar is a Malware

When the internet was new, we didn’t face many problems browsing or downloading. We had limited options and so the viruses and malware were not that strong as they are getting now. One such malware that Microsoft pointed out is the Ask Toolbar. Updated on June 13, 2105, Microsoft Malware Protection Center told its readers that the older versions of Ask Toolbar is a malware. When we install it on our web browsers, a window pops up and you are guided with the installation. Once Ask Toolbar is installed, it creates some malware files and folders on your system. Following files and folders are being created as Ask Toolbar is on your web browser:

10 Folders Created After Ask Toolbar is on Your System

10 Files Created After Ask Toolbar is on Your System

In addition to this update, Microsoft Malware Protection Center also pointed that this malware function is not yet being faced with the new version of Ask Toolbar. So, till the time it is not an unwanted software.

If you have the old version of Ask Toolbar, and you encounter the following symptom, you need to protect your system.


Any toolbar, extension or add-on, installed on your web browser will automatically enable itself.

If you face anything like this, you need to protect your system. Apply the following tips to get rid of the malware:

  • Scan an updated version of a security software
  • Install the latest versions of software
  • Learn how the malware works
  • Switch on you firewall
  • Put limits on user rights to use your systems


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