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6 SEO Tools to Lift Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming important like never before. Every web development company in UK tries to hire SEO executives order to boost the SEO ratings. To help you out here are top 5 SEO tools which you see in order to boost your business.

  1. Squirrly:

Squirrly is a WordPress SEO plugin. Squirrly helps you in keyword research while using post editor. Keyword research tool of Squirrly helps you to trace the most relevant keywords for you post. With the keyword research in hand, you can create the content that ranks.

  1. Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is used to enhance the content marketing strategies and SEO tasks. Its features helps in the getting the keyword into desired placement. For instance, one of its feature allows the search for new keywords and content ideas relevant to the targeted keyword. Moreover, it’s another feature helps to create a combination of keywords. Google keyword planner also helps to measure the popularity of a certain keyword. You can easily analyze the competition for a keyword like for instance, if you add web development company, it ranks high on competition like its high.

  1. Google Trends:

Google trends shows the popularity level of a given terms. It shows which words or phrases are mostly searched and what are the sources of those searches. This tool helps you to search keywords most suited for your content and are wide in approval as well. While searching topics on google trend, you can search the words either through trending searches, Trending on YouTube, Top Charts Google Correlate or Explore.

  1. Content Explorer by Ahrefs:

Content Explorer by Ahrefs Can be used to explore the most appreciated content in your paradigm and then create an original one keeping the arrangement in mind. It helps you to keep an eye on the content that is the top share on social media.  It will help you to beat the competition in the content marketing by uplifting the quality of the content.

  1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Creating a content and throwing it in the market is not just enough, for that matter companies hire SEO executives to get the better ROI. Google analytics assist in measuring the ROI for a content in question. Moreover google analytics can also help you in generating a content idea, create a targeted post and optimization etc.

  1. Keywordtool.io:

Keywordtool.io is a SEO tool that SEO experts use to trace the words and phrases, people search more often on Google. By the help of Google’s auto complete, it helps to generate more than 750 long tail keyword suggestion for an inserted keyword.

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