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5 Ways To Get More Blog Comments

Need More Blog Comments

It has been quite long since I started writing articles and blogs. I don’t have my own blog yet, but I have been writing for my clients and the company I have been hired by. I have written on many topics including travel, career, health and fitness, fashion, and information technology. But still I don’t get as many comments, as I expected. And even if the number rises to hundreds, most of them were spam. Now this is a matter of concern!

So one day, in desperation to learn, I was googling How to Get More Blog Comments, Google showed 1,590,000,000 in just 0.43 seconds. No doubt Google is fast! I started reading few of the top most from the search results and found my weaknesses (although it will take some time to get rid of all). Anyways, I then realized that I’m not the only one who’s lacking comments on their blogs. And there will be many more who still want to have more blogs comments, but due to some flaws aren’t getting. This made me write this blog. I have pointed few of the reasons for which you can work on to increase the number of blog comments, and they ARE NOT hard to follow.

Write Well

This is one of the basics. And is very easy to follow. First ask yourself “what should I write today?” You might find it hard when you’re new to writing. But as you grow in you postings, you’ll always be thinking to write on this or that.

Okay, now that you’ve chosen a topic, research well to write on it. It is advised by many expert writers that to read at least from 3 different resources before start writing.

Done with your research? Good. Now you must write an error-free blog. No Spell mistake. No grammatical errors. You don’t have to be an expert in grammar nor in what you’re writing, but it has to deliver the best of your efforts.

Who is Your Reader?

It isn’t hard to get. For example when I write on Information Technology, I know that my readers would be those interesting in the services we provide, or those who are looking to learn more about IT. So, I try to mold according to these two type of readers.

And remember when you are writing, do not use multiple tones. If you started with informal, end with an informal tone. And also, don’t drag your content unnecessarily.

Don’t Forget to Comment

It is unlikely that you won’t be reading others’ blogs or articles. So when you do, don’t forget to leave a comment. I would suggest if you’re new to blogging, you should leave comments as much as you can, even when you don’t like the content very much. The benefit is that you would be able to share your URL, and from there some WILL visit your blog too.

But avoid using sentences like “very good blog” or “thanks for sharing this valuable information” these come as spam. And no one likes them. It is most likely that these comments won’t be approved. Try to start a discussion, or at least write few sentences to show that you have gained something from it or share your suggestion.

Always Give a Room to Start Discussion

You can’t be an expert, even if you’re. No one can be called THE BEST. So write like you know something, but are looking for more to learn. Give your readers a room to state their suggestions. And when you get one, appreciate them, and try to engage them more.

Value Yourself

When writing, don’t show your weaknesses. Whatever you write must have a value and authority. This doesn’t mean that you’re the ultimate authority of your write-up. But it means NOT confuse the reader’s mind.

Ok, you have been writing daily, it isn’t bad but also not very good. I would suggest posting twice or thrice a week. But it has to be worthy to read. Making your readers wait for your post is also a good way to value yourself. But choose a day, and your post has to be there that day.

Try something new. If you’re posting on texts, add images or videos next time. You can also use infographics or animated videos. But all has to be relevant.

Try to use different tones, but like said earlier, not in the same blog post. Use different tones and styles to attract more.

What do You Think Now?

After reading all those blogs on how to get more blog comments, I started, and still trying to follow all those guidelines. And now I’m getting more comments!

Why don’t you try these and others as well? And also do share if you too have any suggestions for me.

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