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3 Steps SEO Strategy to Migrate on New Website

SEO Strategy

It is never too late. Never too late to follow the path of SEO.

SEO, for quite some time, is troubling the minds of webmasters. Well, SEO doesn’t aim to distress the webmasters but they’re more inclined towards user experience. So, you don’t have to be afraid of it, but think of SEO as your web-pal.

So, when you’re planning to redevelop your website you better not start old. Take help from the web the updated one. Recently, I happened to visit an article. It was about SEO strategy for a refurbished website. The post was worth sharing, so here it is with a shorter version of it.

Below are the elements you should cater when migrating from an old version to a new website.

First Thing First, Know Your Website

When it’s time to migrate, you might have to bring some changes to your URLs. And when your URLs are changed, you might have to see some downfall. All your previous efforts will all be gone. This is what you really don’t want to happen. Whenever you’ve a doubt, that you’ll lose your rank, you must tell the search engines prior to any changes.

When changing URLs, remember to redirect your page(s) with a 301 redirect placement. 301 redirects are best solutions where users might have to encounter empty pages. Make a list of all, even with a minimal traffic. 301 redirects might sound unnecessary for some but for sure when you’ve redirected all those links, you’ll be thanking me.

Before moving to any other step, don’t forget to recheck whether the 301 redirect is properly working or not. Check every page individually and rest assure that you’ve done it alright.

Next Comes the Inbound Links

When you’re all done with 301 redirection, then comes analysing your inbound links. Inbound links create page authority.

If you’re a webmaster yourself, you would probably know that direct links are more effective than indirect ones. Direct links don’t have to move long before reaching their predetermined destination and reserves a better place in creating high domain authority.

All you need to remember here is that once you’re thru with 301 redirect, you must audit the inbound links. All inbound links must now need to redirect to the new redirected pages.

Two Went Down, SEO Audit Your Way

I believe this is going to be the most imperative section of your new SEO strategy. After all, it is all about SEO.

Often when you heard of an audit, you might think of some finance related services company. But the audit is not only for the financial statements, but every business must do it. Just like other, SEO also needs to be audited from time to time. I’ve a list of SEO audit elements. Find what you need more, what you’ve done so far and what you don’t need to carry on with your new SEO strategy.

Points to cater SEO audit

  • Do you have any missing page titles?
  • Does your website contain duplicate titles?
  • Look for title above 512px and below 200px
  • Look for H1 tags
  • Are you missing meta description and there shouldn’t be duplicate meta descriptions
  • Broken links (both internal and external)
  • Use alt text, even they’re not valued much
  • Sitemap
  • Robot.txt file
  • No duplicate content
  • How many pages Google has indexed and how many are still missing?
  • Speed of your website
  • Mobile usability
  • Top traffic generating keywords

You can, and must add all other elements to your SEO audit strategy. This audit will finally tell you the strengths, the weaknesses and the outcomes of your new plan. This audit must always have to be carried with your website maintenance plan.


I believe it is always a good idea to give my readers a quick overview of what we discussed, so here is a short version of our not-so-long discussion:

  • Review your website. What changes will you be bringing?
  • Review your inbound links.
  • When done with reviewing your website and your inbound links, it’s time to audit. Make a list of the areas you want to be audited and check for variations and then redo what you missed.

These are my suggestions and those I learned on the web. You might have yours and better. If you do come up with your own SEO strategy when migrating from domain to another or redesigning your website, share the knowledge. Or if you have any suggestions, I’ll be welcoming them.

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Bill is a blogger. He has been blogging on various topics, including SEO, internet marketing and web designing, where his core interest lies.

Bill is also working with one of a leading IT services company UK, the Zepto Systems. Zepto Systems has been functional since 2006. And since then, they’ve been providing IT services not only to the UK clients but worldwide. If you’re thinking of redesigning, migrating or developing a new website, you can contact Zepto Systems.

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