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We help companies simplify and solve their most challenging IT problems in order to accelerate innovation.
Our mission is simple: we achieve your digital goals by providing high quality cost effective solutions. We use Modern Technologies in a smart way and develop software that best meet your requirements; we resolve the issues and satisfy your business needs in developing exactly what you need.
Being your technology partner we believe in our mutual growth and we work hard to make your business a success. Our goal is to become your long term trusted outsource software development partner. We can become an extension of your own team and grow with you as your needs evolve. Because we aim to work closely with you, we believe we are successful only when you succeed.

Our Services

Zepto is specialized to provide professional outsourcing services for any scale of businesses, corporations or individuals. The major success factor of offshore outsourcing services is its cost effectiveness. As offshore outsourcing services require minimum investment in terms of resource hiring and infrastructure setup that will ultimately save the budget of the clients. company for you is to get in touch.

Hire Dedicated Resources
Virtual Assistance
Web Application Development
Open Source Development
Bespoke Database Systems
Website Designing and Branding

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Why Choose Us ?

Software Development is our passion and Web Development is our enthusiasm. We develop powerful tailor made web applications, websites and bespoke database systems for business like you. We provide top quality, affordable and easy to use solutions hereby delivering maximum value to our clients. We can help you from discovering the needs of your business to deliver a feasible and efficient solution. We try hard to present the foremost solution for your business and fair advice at an open price. Your system will be developed to the highest quality and standards, using latest technologies.

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